NBC Nightly News released a scathing two-part report detailing failures in Bard IVC Filters that have been associated with at least 27 deaths and at least 300 other problems so far.

In the first part of NBC Nightly News’ two-part story Part 1, NBC Nightly News interviewed a victim who reported that she nearly died when a piece of her Bard IVC filter broke off, migrated and pierced her heart. The report also detailed that tens of thousands of people have these devices implanted in them.

In the second part, Part 2, NBC Nightly News reported that a former Bard employee who worked on FDA clearance issues voiced serious concerns about the Bard IVC Recovery filter and refused to sign an application for FDA approval. Notwithstanding this, Bard still applied for FDA approval with a signature that the former employee denies was hers.

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