Stucco Wall Cracks

A very common exterior finish in the western United States is stucco. Construction defects in stucco wall systems can devalue a property by undermining its structural integrity and esthetic qualities. In the worst case, they can endanger health and create unsafe conditions if left unresolved.

Construction defects that affect stucco include siding that is too thin, has excessive cracking, is discolored or stained, or is missing vapor barriers. Other construction defects found in stucco walls include:

  • Stucco conditions that allows water intrusion
  • Inadequate attachment of the wire lath to the studs
  • Insufficient embedment of the wire lath into the stucco
  • Corroded wire lath
  • Unsealed holes, rips, and tears in the building paper
  • Buried or missing weep screeds
  • Brick and stone wainscots improperly installed

These problems can result in a weakened wall structure and other deficiencies.

Stucco Wall Cracks Defects