“We must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”  -Benjamin Franklin

Class actions are cases where people join as a class to recover from a similar harm.  Kasdan LippSmith Weber Turner is here to help you take on the businesses that affect your pocketbook every day.

Most class actions happen when big business lines its pockets by nickel and diming hundreds, thousands and even millions of its own customers.  Companies know that one person cheated out of a little money would never file a lawsuit to get it back.  But, fortunately, real people can come together as a class to fight schemes that rake in billions of dollars for corporations every year.

Class actions are one of the most powerful legal tools for regular people and their lawyers to police big business.  Without class actions, corporations would be able to get away with swindling their own customers in an infinite number of ways.

The lawyers at Kasdan LippSmith Weber Turner have won large cases against the world’s most powerful banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, consumer product manufacturers, developers and employers.  We have returned hundreds of millions of dollars to people together, who big business just brushed off as individuals.class-action-lawsuit-lawyers-california

KLWT can’t do this without you.  If you are the victim of a scheme—no matter how small—please contact our Class Action Practice Group for a free consultation to see if you can help us bring justice to you and others like you.


  • Nationwide Class of 12.5 million Farmers Exchange subscribers charged excessive management fees—$548,734,348 Settlement
  • Nationwide Class of a 300,000+ Homeowners with Viega/Vanguard PEX plumbing systems—$62,000,000 Settlement Value
  • Classes of 2,536 Hawaii Homeowners with defective wind protection and PEX plumbing systems—$35,700,000 Settlement (pending Court approval)
  • California Class of defective watercraft owners against manufacturer—$19,879,329 Settlement Value
  • Class of Ponzi scheme victims against a major global bank—$17,040,000 Settlement
  • Class of Ponzi scheme victims against a national bank— $8,250,000 Settlement